Rent a LIGHTED billboard that reads to southbound US 27 motorists

#2001- Static Billboard on US 192/US 27 Interchange
#2002A Static Billboard for Southbound US 27 motorists
#2002 B-Static Billboard for Northbound US 27 motorists
#2003 B Static Billboard for Southbound US 27 motorists




Located on the east side of US 27 just 9/10 of a mile south of US 192 , this huge (26' high by x 25' wide billboard) is a static (single face) billboard  that provides a long viewing approach and an extended viewing time as US 27 Southbound traffic is frequently slowed or stopped by the nearby Polo Park Boulevard traffic light. 
This is one of the only two lighted Billboards for southbound US 27 motorists on the seven mile stretch between US 192 and Interstate 4 (I-4)
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